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Campaigns and elections, what everyone needs to know®, Dennis W. Johnson - alkaline paper

This book offers the most up-to-date examination of campaigns and elections, including the challenges and opportunities they present. It addresses fundamental questions about who votes in American elections, how legislative districts are reapportioned and why it matters, the realities of voter fraud, the pros and cons of reforming the Electoral College, the impact of dark money on campaigns, and the role of political consultants and specialists, among other topics. Given the fragility of our election process, what are the threats to a healthy American democracy? Do the candidates with the most money always win? This is not simply a book on how campaigns are run, but why campaigns and elections are integral components of American democracy and how those fundamental elements may be vulnerable to misuse.--COVER
Table Of Contents
Voting and participation -- Carving out legislative districts -- Political parties and elections -- Statewide, local, and congressional elections -- Presidential elections -- Money, mega donors, and wide open spending -- Inner workings of modern campaigns -- Direct democracy : ballot campaigns -- How campaigns have changed -- Threats to democracy
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xxii, 188 pages, 21 cm

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