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Human space exploration

"An introduction to human space exploration for primary and intermediate grade students, with information about the early history of space travel and current space exploration. Includes a list of highlights for each chapter, fun facts, glossary, resource list, and index"--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
Where does space begin? -- What were the first probes launched into space? -- What was the "space race"? -- What were the first piloted spacecraft life? -- What gives a spacecraft the power for liftoff? -- Is space exploration dangerous? -- What is microgravity and how does it affect space travel? -- Who were the first people to travel in space? -- Who was the first person to walk in space? To walk on the moon? -- What did astronauts take from the moon? Leave on the moon? -- What were some notable astronauts? -- What kinds of scientific experiments have been carried out in space? -- What is the space shuttle like? -- What do astronauts eat in space? -- How to astronauts stay clean in space? -- What do astronauts wear on a space mission? -- How do astronauts sleep in space? -- What is the space shuttle used for? -- How do astronauts train for shuttle missions? -- Who manages the shuttle from Earth? -- What will replace the space shuttle? -- What is a space station? -- What is the International Space Station? -- What have we learned so far on the International Space Station? -- What useful things on Earth were created for the space program? -- How can kids get involved ins pace exploration? -- Can tourists travel into space? -- So you want to become a space explorer?
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non fiction
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64 p., ill. (some col.), 26 cm.

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