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Travel as a political act, Rick Steves - paperback

Presents advice on traveling to different countries of the world as a way of increasing our understanding of different cultures and political systems, and appreciating the interconnectedness within the global community. In his third edition, the author considers the new political reality of Brexit, Refugees, Erdoğan, and Trump, as well as populism, nativism, terrorism, and climate change and explains why travel has never been more relevant
Table of contents
How to travel as a political act -- Lessons from the former Yugoslavia: war and peace in modern times -- Europe unites: successes and struggles -- Resurrection in El Salvador -- Denmark: highly taxed and highly content -- Turkey and Morocco: sampling secular Islam -- Europe: not "hard on drugs" or "soft on drugs," but smart on drugs -- Mission: understand Iran -- The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians today -- Homecoming
Literary form
non fiction
Third edition.
"How to leave your baggage behind"--Cover
Physical description
ix, 291 pages, color illustrations, 22 cm

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