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America's founding fathers, their uncommon wisdom and wit, edited by Bill Adler - hardcover

A collection of personal thoughts, humor, and philosophical musings from the founding fathers reveals their thoughts on life, marriage, romance, family, children, religion, and patriotism
Table Of Contents
The Founding Fathers-a brief overview -- Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) : scientist, diplomat, and writer -- George Washington (1732-1799) : first president of the United States -- John Adams (1735-1826) : second president of the United States -- Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) : third president of the United States -- James Madison (1751-1836) : fourth president of the United States -- Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804) : American statesman -- Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) : physician, professor, author, treasurer of the U.S. Mint, and signator of the Declaration of Independence -- Thomas Paine (1737-1809) : politician, philosopher, and author
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
xv, 221 pages, illustrations, 24 cm

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