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Drop dead healthy, one man's humble quest for bodily perfection, A. J. Jacobs - (ebk.)

"One mans comedic journey to discover how to live as healthfully as possible"--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
The stomach : the quest to eat right -- The heart : the quest to get my blood pumping -- The ears : the quest for quiet -- The butt : the quest to avoid sedentary life -- The immune system : the quest to conquer germs -- The stomach, revisited : the quest for the perfect meal -- The genitals : the quest to have more sex -- The nervous system : the quest to hurt less -- The lower intestine : the quest to go to the bathroom properly -- The adrenal gland : the quest to lower my stress level -- The brain : the quest to be smarter -- The endocrine system : the quest for a nontoxic home -- The teeth: the quest for the perfect smile -- The feet : the quest to run right -- The lungs : The quest to breathe better -- The stomach, revisited : the continued quest for the perfect diet -- The skin : the quest to erase blemishes -- The heart, revisited : the quest for the perfect workout -- The inside of the eyelid : the quest for the perfect night's sleep -- The bladder : the quest to figure out what to drink -- The gonads : the quest to get more balls -- The nose : the quest to smell better -- The hands : the quest for magic fingers -- The back : the quest to stand up straight -- The eyes : the quest to see better -- The skull : the quest not to be killed in an accident -- The finish line -- Appendix A. Guerrilla exercise -- Appendix B. How to eat less -- Appendix C. Five tips on treadmill desks -- Appendix D. My five foolproof (for me, at last) methods of stress reduction -- Appendix E. The ten best pieces of food advice I've gotten all year -- Appendix F. How to live the quiet life -- Appendix G. Five toxins I now avoid
Literary form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical description
x, 402 p., ill., 25 cm.

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